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hi! my show 'just a normal girl who enjoys revenge' is available for free now!


i wrote it, i directed it, i performed it. i would love it if you would watch it


without spoiling the show too much, i think the comedy industry can be a difficult & often gross/cruel place to simply try to exist as a young woman (especially in scotland, oh boy - but that is enough for a whole new show)


in this show, i talk about how i see men around me rewarded for expressing misinformed, damaging & absolutely bullshit opinions about everyone & everything they see fit. i see how their claims of cancellation & their contrarian ways propel their careers & how their “apology” tours only serve to reward them & further hurt those they have already hurt


in a tale as old as time, i also see women punished for speaking about things that have happened TO THEM in THEIR LIVES (often at the hands of the aforementioned). i see women called difficult or petty or opinionated for daring to speak honestly about their own experiences, for daring to say “hey, didn’t actually love being treated like that”


this has ✨overwhelmingly✨ been my experience in comedy - being called a slur or being told to “shut the fuck up” for speaking about my life & sharing my opinions are just two of countless examples i could share. they are not even close to the worst


i tried to encapsulate this in the most interesting & funny way i could, with all the metaphors i could possibly think of. what resulted is something i’m proud of - i’m happy that the young women who came to see my show seemed to enjoy it & relate to it the most - that’s who it is for (imo there’s enough content for ~the guys~). it also made me sad (i contain multitudes & being the voice of a generation is hard) - it made me sad because i hate that so many relate to how it feels to be treated like we are the problem when we choose to defend ourselves against someone else’s offences or speak up about things that are just plain wrong. i hate that men (& sometimes other women, goddammit!!) make us feel that way


if you enjoy the show, if you relate to it, please share it - there need to be more voices like ours (but i strongly advise everyone against pursuing stand up comedy lol) 👯‍♀️

it is available for free, but it was not free to make - if you enjoyed it and would like to donate, i would appreciate that immensely, and you can do so via the link below!

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