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*I added myself to my highschool's notable alumni

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Hate mail with Hannah

Sealed with Love

Patrick Bateman

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Hello, you have now reached my blog. 

I have named it 'Hate mail with Hannah' because alliteration makes pettiness sound playful, but this section is better described as letters to my many enemies and guys called John. For the record, most of the time when I use alliteration I don't mean a word I am saying.

From now until someone chooses to sue for defamation, I will be waking up and choosing chaos every single Friday with a weekly instalment informing you exactly who has wronged me that week. 


"Every week?!" you say, "Surely that means that you're the problem Hannah!". I'm so glad you raised this and I agree that it is an important criticism to consider. Am I the problem? No, I am not. So glad we got that out of the way.

Tune back in on Friday 16th July for my 6th post about another delightful dude! x

Sealed with Love


Sealed with Love


Sealed with Love

Kanye West

Sealed with Love

your mum

Sealed with Love


Sealed with Love


Sealed with Love


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