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Blue Book Artist Management Presents...

photo: Adrian Tauss, Swiss Chocolate Pictures



Rising Star New Act of the Year




Selected for the Angel Comedy Showcase at Edinburgh Fringe Festival



Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year


BBC New Comedian






New Comedian Award


me with my trophy hand made by

local artist Pete Nash (great comedian

and head of Rising Star Comedy)


So You 


You're Funny



Max Turner Competition 


The flyer for the wonderful Angel Showcase I got to be a part of at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. 

This was a wonderful show and I got to perform everyday with some of my favourite comedians/pals, definitely check out the 2020 line up if you are in Edinburgh this year! Also, make sure to stop by Angel Comedy in London, it is always a fun night and one of my favourite places to gig.

Me roasting great pal and great comedian Hannah Brissenden who I love and respect very much, but I think also important to note I won. 

I love roast battles and have never lost one - I have done one which was a catalyst in ruining a friendship - still count it as a success though

Me, my obnoxiously Scottish* self, in my obnoxiously Scottish outfit,  being announced as a potential wildcard for the BBC New Comedy Award at my semi final at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Alas, I did not get through (Hannah Platt, a brilliant comedian you should definitely check out, was selected for the final) but this was one of the BEST experiences of my life and a privilege to be a part of.

*proof that "obnoxiously Scottish" has been my brand since day 1


“Absolutely cracking jokes, delivered with aplomb and a devilish grin”  

- Lloyd Langford,  Comedian

"poor public speaking skills" - previous employer

as seen/heard on...

writing credits:

a podcast with Ed Bourne

featuring my pals Jacqui and Sophia, and generously funded by Jacqui's pension


Upcoming Gigs

come see me live!


(but you can watch some of my old stuff if you scroll down a bit)


photo: Adrian Tauss, Swiss Chocolate Pictures

just a lil pic of me

meeting the person

who made me

want to be a comedian!!!

me at a few of my favourite gigs




Hello stranger!

Isn't it weird that the only people you can say "hello stranger" to without looking like a total weirdo are, in fact, not strangers? Seriously, say "hello stranger" to an actual stranger, it's weird. I don't know why I did it.

I am so honoured that you are interested in learning more about me, although you are probably just one of my friends who has come here to see when I am free since I obnoxiously send my website link whenever my nearest and dearest ask when I can catch up. 


Has fame and fortune changed me, you ask? No, I was always a narcissist and I am still very poor. 


If you would like to help with that, please come to any of my gigs - I would love to have you there. My gigs can be found above, so it's likely you have scrolled past them already, and might need some further convincing as to why you should come watch me tell my jokes. I mean, I also listed everything I have ever achieved there. Was that not enough for you? 

Please do come along if you would like to hear me talk about the people that have wronged me in the past (imagine Taylor Swift but without any musical talent). However, if your name is Jack, Lucie or Chris, may I suggest you give it a miss. (If your name is Jack, Lucie or Chris, and we have never met, or get along perfectly fine, then please still come - I don't want to lose out on potential business because you share a common name with someone who was once a dick to me*).

Hannah x

* if you are not sure whether or not you are the Lucie, Jack, or Chris I am talking about, then you most definitely are. 


me thinking about dropping an album if comedy doesn't work out (you can help prevent that - gig list above!) 

photo: Adrian Tauss, Swiss Chocolate Pictures


if you don't wanna see me live

or if you wanna see what I'm about before you commit

(that's smart, I might be shit)

((I'm not))



pls follow me here, but not live, thank u



(please, I'm so very lonely)

or my agent:

Jen Littlewood 

Blue Book Artist Management 

email: Jen@BlueBookAM.com

website: http://www.bluebookartistmanagement.com/team/jen-littlewood.aspx

photo: Adrian Tauss, Swiss Chocolate Pictures

if you do want to talk to me directly, I am incredibly flattered and you can do that via my instagram, Facebook, or twitter accounts. Links to all these can be found below.
However, you should know, I am not in the world of showbiz for the fame and adoration from strangers. 
I am completely in it for the money.
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